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I am a PhD student in economics at the University of Oxford, sitting in the Department of Economics and INET Oxford. I was a visiting student at Harvard University for Fall term 2022. Previously, I worked for the Oxford Martin School, as well as NIESR.

In recent news, I am on the 2023-2024 job market cycle. You can find my Job Market Paper here, which I will be presenting at the EWMES 2023 in Manchester.

You can also find me on Google Scholar.

I built this website to organise my work, CV and other notes (think of it as a scrappy blog, although it is sadly empty for the moment). In particular, I highlight my most recent papers in boxes on the right; click on them to open a PDF.

A complete list of papers, working and otherwise, can be found clicking the 'Research' button above. These are the most recent drafts, and so may feature minor edits not found in other online versions. The plan is to (eventually) host data and code for anyone to download. In the meantime, I encourage you to contact me via email.

wsb link

Reddit's self-organised bull runs

productivity link

Why is productivity slowing down?

variety link

Accounting for variety (early draft)

Updated: November 2023

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